Everyone from this planet have some sort of talent in them, where some might even have multiple talents. I know that people appreciate you when you are talented and when the talent is useful. But, do every talent needs to be appreciated? Everyone have their own opinion, so here I would like to share mine.

Now few might be thinking that how to make talent useful, let’s first talk about it; in the previous paragraph, I said that ‘people appreciate you when you are talented and when the talent is useful,’ let me clarify it, actually it depends on the person, like how he makes use of it, the person just need to find the best way to make use of his talent.

Whenever we hear the word “Talent”, the very first thing that comes to our mind is a person doing some unique stuff only few people are expert in, or maybe it’s only him. But, even if there are many, they will all present it in a different way. Let’s take ‘painting’ for an example; the number of people having this talent is high when compared to the other talents. But, many of them paints differently, it may be different in content, topic, color, painting equipment, style of painting etc.

Now, let’s talk about the people to whom you present it, what do they think and say? There is no guarantee that every single person will get impressed by seeing your talent, or every second person in the room, it depends on how expert you are in it or how different and unique is it from others.

Are Talent and skill the same?!

Every singal person on Earth have some sort of Talent, the only thing is to find what the Talent is! Skills are mostly acquired by hard work, but when we talk about talent, it gets mixed up with hard work then it could become an excellent package with enormous possibilities of becoming a successful person.

Can we master other’s talent?

Nothing is impossible. Can we really master other’s talent! Think about it, let’s make it easier, suppose a person have a talent of doing multiple things at a time using both of his hands which makes him easier to finish his works quicker and faster than others. Isn’t it beneficial to have such type of talent, suppose your boss gave you a lot of work and at the same time you have to attend your sister’s wedding and you don’t have any other choices, what would you do? You just have two choices, either to sit in the office and do the work or attend the wedding, you are stuck, now, you must be wishing of having the talent of doing multiple things at a time using both the hands so that you could hurry the work and then attended the wedding, this is a hypothetical situation, but making the talent useful in non-Hypothetical situation is upon you.

When you are mastering someone’s talent it is no more a talent, it is a skill which you have developed inside you by working on it, and developing a skill is not that easy, you need to work on it, work hard and in the end you will achieve the results of your hard work which would make all your works easy.

How to develop the skill in you?

Turning somebody else’s talent into your skill, you need to work really hard, but working hard isn’t enough, you need to work wise. How could you work wise? What are the things you need to do for that?

At first, Stay calm and think deeply about it, prepare yourself, it might take time to create the skill and mastering it, to do that you need to have patience and If u don’t have patience then make yourself for that first as it will be useful for you in many other things too. Without patience you can’t get success.

Since you have prepared yourself for the Mission, the next thing is you need to have a proper planning of how to learn and master the skill. Make a plan, without planning you can’t start it. Now the last and most important thing you need to have is the focus, without focus you will never pass the mission, if you don’t have the focusing ability then develop it, not only it will be helpful for you in this mission, but it will also be helpful in all of your missions to pass them successfully with better ease.



– Sayyaf Zia

Something I wanted to Tell you from a very long time….

I don’t have any hate with you……i never like we debating on this thing….but see….as i said earlier…ok…leave me….hear what many of the elder big people say about the app(-TikTok-)…
they just say that the app will eventually ruin you….there are many things by which it could ruin you….the main and very important point is that….the attention span….your attention span would decrease….there was a time when every ✔️ TALKER (TIKTOKER) or most of them used to watch movies….now things are changed…. people needs to watch and learn quicker….they need everything to be really quick…..that is why many of you maybe using this app….the app contains videos generally of 30 seconds…you need to just keep scrolling down to watch the videos….you don’t even have the choice of searching a video for a specific topic…keep on scrolling…if you don’t like the video proceed to the next one…and this thing could go on for like hours….and what do you get after spending on this thing?…….you get nothing……you may get some information….you may….but thats too are very rare and not worth the time you spent on scrolling……..you could just browse for some articles on attention span…and you will get what Iam trying to say…….due to the arrival of this app…… everybody just got attracted to it….and every successfull person would just say one thing about it….they just say to beware of the app and never install it…… if you will then its hard to get out of the trap…so i didn’t used it…..and am honest….i don’t want you to get trapped in it…..and let that thing stay there…now there is Indo-China war going on……due to this controversy…there is a really high risk of China stealing and storing our most of the private data on there servers…….and everybody knows that how bad is the app’s security system…once 2 iOS developers were just trying to test the security system of the app with some basic hacking skills…and they did……only 2 of them…..by knowing this you need to understand the security system of the app…you just need to know how bad it is….. private data is private data no matter what you say….so please understand me…i am not really interested in just poking you for no reason….you think that i enjoy it?…. not really….i just want you to get out of the trap…..i don’t want you to be suffered of this thing in future…. anytime from this app or from anyone….. wrong could be happened to you…maybe accidentally…or maybe purposely.
so please….please….I am just saying please…if there is any better word than please to please you then take that….but please…just remove the app and get out of the trap and just feel free and RELAX……